Couples Therapy

We feel safer and healthier when we are connected to others and feel distressed when disconnected. It can be hard to find the way back to how things “used to be” whether it is a friendship, intimate partners, or family members. Relationships need tune-ups just like everything else in life as we change and grow over time. My role is to help identify the cycles of interactions that are not helpful to the relationship. The cycles that tend to get in the way of each person understanding the other genuinely.

Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), couples experience a decrease in relationship distress. They report an increase in safety and intimacy and, as a result of their work, gain a clearer picture of their own needs, their partner’s needs, and their relationship. They also feel stronger in taking on future endeavors by communicating and problem-solving more effectively together.

However your relationship may look, I welcome listening to how you want your connections to be with those in your life. Do not wait until it is too late. There is always room to discover and learn about you and your connections with others.

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