Individual Therapy

There may be a single moment or many past moments, big or small, which have changed how you view yourself or your world. These experiences can pair with depression, anxiety, or fear of the unknown.  Depression and anxiety can be paralyzing and isolating. You may be feeling angry, overwhelming sadness, and loss of interest in things you once enjoyed. This can make it hard to accomplish daily tasks. You may also be experiencing overwhelming thoughts and feelings often accompanied by physical symptoms and fatigue.  Together we will examine those moments that led you to where you are now and guide you towards where you wish to be.  Those who I work with discover:

  • Increased self-confidence, self-care, and connection with others
  • Relief from depression and anxiety-related symptoms through mindfulness activities and self-awareness
  • Skills to change unwanted behaviors or thoughts causing distress
  • The ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries for themselves and with others
  • Achievement of life goals and self-growth

There is a way back to you and what you once loved. Whether you are ready to take the first step or are returning for a refresher, there is no need to suffer one more second. I will be ready and looking forward to our time together.

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