Sex Therapy

I believe that each person is unique and multifaceted.  There is no one way to approach sexual health.  Sexuality is an important part of what makes us whole and human.   I use a sex-positive framework where I neither condone nor condemn sexual activity or frequency.   I instead make room for sexual expression to take place however that may look and try to understand the purpose it plays in the lives of each individual and their relationships.

Topics addressed in Sex Therapy are:

  • Sex and Intimacy challenges
  • Coping with STIs and STDs
  • Desire Discrepancies
  • Reconnecting with yourself and/or partner(s) after a negative sexual experience
  • Coping with sex and chronic illness or pain
  • Difficulty enjoying sex
  • Sexual Trauma or Trauma affecting Sexuality

This type of therapy does not include any type of touch (sexual or otherwise) and is strictly talk therapy.  Meeting you where you are while also compassionate addressing your needs in this department is my top priority.

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