Sex & Gender Issues

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy addresses concerns around intimacy, sexual feelings, and sexual functions.  It strictly involves talk therapy to understand the root of these problems and can be individual or joint therapy that includes the client’s partner.  The therapist will explore with the client when these issues began, the current condition of the problem, previous treatment and outcomes, assessment of stress and life changes, as well as medical history, to create a foundation to begin treatment.  Sex therapists have a vast amount of knowledge in sexual health and wellness and understanding the way people experience and express themselves sexually.  Sex Therapists use this knowledge and client’s assessment to problem solve and address psychological issues related to the sexual concern and/or will be able to recommend medical treatment by doctors if identified as a solution to the problem.

Gender Therapy

Gender Therapy helps alleviate challenges that can arise when an individual experiences gender differently than their assigned gender at birth.  Therapists who are experienced in gender therapy can help make sense of and address feelings and behaviors relating to depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and emotional distress that sometimes arise due to incongruence with the client’s gender.  The therapist can assist transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals through self-affirmation, the coming out process, social transition, hormone therapy, gender-confirmation surgery, and safety planning before and after gender-affirming surgery.

Queer or LGBT Affirming Therapy

Queer or LGBT Affirming therapy is an approach to working with LGBT clients that affirms and supports the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals.  Healthy development of self and discussion of sexual and gender expression, thoughts, and feelings are encouraged.  They have a comprehensive understanding of minority stressors, such as homophobia, transphobia, and fear of rejection.  Lastly, LGBT affirming therapists empower LGBT individuals and their families by providing education, coping skills, and problem-solving skills to help identify new possibilities for living.

Diverse or Alt Sexuality-Affirming Therapy

Diverse or Alt Sexuality affirming therapy is the approach to affirm and support individuals outside of traditional sexuality.  These diverse sexualities include kink/BDSM, polyamory, swingers, sex workers, adult entertainers, and those of the adult novelty industry. Therapists who engage in this type of work come from an open and non-judgmental approach and have an understanding of the challenges of being a part of these communities. Finding affirming and knowledgeable health services and resources is part of alternative sexuality-affirming therapy.